Medical record access statement Medical record access statement

Medical record access statement

Kenneth Harvey Kenneth Harvey

As per New South Wales and Australian government legislation, patients have rights of access to health information held about them by this medical practice.

A patient request to access health information may be as simple as requesting a copy of their latest pathology results from their dermatologist during the course of a standard medical consultation. 

We will be able to assist patients with requests to access their medical records. Our medical reception staff will also be able to assist patients with any queries they may have in relation to accessing medical information.

Requesting record access.

All requests for medical record access are required to be made in writing, and addressed to the attention of the Practice Manager. Requests for access will be acknowledged in writing by email, post or SMS within 21 days of the receipt of the request.

Applicants will be required to complete a MR2 Medical Record Access form, and undertake to be bound by the terms of the document. Copies of any, or all, of the contents of their medical record are subject to the fees listed on the MR2 Medical Record Access form and are applicable to cover reasonable processing costs.

Granting record access.

The total time between the receipt of a request for access and the time when access is granted shall not, ordinarily, exceed 30 days. Where it is not possible for access to be granted within 30 days, the patient will be notified, in writing, of this and advised when access will be granted.

Collection of record.

Generally patients will be required to collect their records in person. However, in some limited circumstances patients may request that records are provided to another authorised person. This provision will generally only apply where the patient is unable, due to illness or incapacity, to attend the practice in person.

If an individual is collecting a copy of their own medical record, or are authorised to collect the record of another individual, they may be required to provide identification. Where possible this should be photographic identification.

Delivery of record.

Alternative methods to in-clinic collection of medical records are available. Secure electronic download, fax transmission or registered postal service options are available and subject to the fees outlined in the MR2 Medical Record Access form.

Dermatologist consultation.

In rare cases, a dermatologist may be required to discuss the contents of the record, and address any concerns that the patient may have in relation to the information contained within the record. A fee of $150 per 15 minute interval will be charged in relation to this attendance. We advise that a rebate will not be recoverable from Medicare for this service.

Refusing record access.

Where access is refused to a medical record, the patient will be advised in writing of the reasons for refusal, and the treating dermatologist will contact the patient to discuss whether there are any means by which access may be facilitated.

Removal or alteration of record content.

A patient will not be permitted to remove any of the contents of their medical record from the medical practice. Should the patient wish to alter or erase information in the medical record, a separate request must be made to the Practice Manager.


Our medical practice may vary policies from time to time and without notice. A patient may request information about policy changes or view them on our website.