Informed financial consent statement Informed financial consent statement

Informed financial consent statement

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Patients must review and consent to our medical practice billing policies and acknowledge the potential fees and rebates associated with their health care.

Fees and charges.

Fees for consultations, surgical procedures and treatments are determined by the dermatologist a patient chooses to see. The most common medical services and their associated fee (subject to change) are:

$260 Initial consultation in a single course of treatment.
$160 Subsequent consultation in a single course of treatment.
+ $145 Diagnostic biopsy.
+ $140 Solar keratosis cryotherapy.

Additional fees will be incurred for any surgical procedure or treatment performed during a consultation with a dermatologist.

Also refer to our Service fees and charges statement.


During a consultation, a patient may ask their dermatologist for a financial estimate detailing the cost of any surgical procedure or treatment, before it is performed. Variations in final fees may arise if a planned medical service is changed due to complications or for clinical reasons.

Also refer to our Financial estimate statement.


Fees charged in this medical practice are payable at the end of the patient consultation.

Accepted methods of payment are cash, EFTPOS, AMEX, MasterCard or VISA. This medical practice does not accept personal cheques, Diners or JCB credit cards.


The dermatologist does not provide concessional rates to patients based on age. Both adults and children are subject to the same fee structure. 

The dermatologist may provide a fee reduction, if the patient holds a current Pensioner Concession Card (Department of Human Services). Patients should present their concession card to our reception staff and enquire about their eligibility for a fee reduction.

Discounts and bulk-billed services.

Any discounted or bulk-billed services offered to a patient is determined on a consultation-by-consultation basis. Patients may not assume that future services will be at a discounted or bulk-billed unless explicitly advised in writing or noted in their records.

Also refer to our Financial concession statement.

Appointment cancellations

A patient must provide at least 24 hours' notice to their dermatologist if they are unable to keep their scheduled appointment. If the patient does not provide sufficient notice, a $75 non-attendance fee may be charged to their account and a prepayment required for their next appointment.

Patient notice may be relayed by phone call, voicemail, email or SMS.

Also refer to our Appointment cancellation statement

Weekend and holiday surcharge.

A weekend surcharge of 15% will be applied to the final cost of all consultations, surgical procedures and treatments performed on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or NSW public holiday.

External service providers.

Fees charged in this medical practice do not include the cost of external service providers such as pharmacists or pathologists. Patients may be invoiced separately by these external service providers, depending on the type and complexity of service they provide.

Also refer to our Pathology cost statement.

Electronic claiming of Medicare benefits.

This medical practice can facilitate electronic claiming of Medicare benefits on a patient's behalf.

For a claim to be submitted electronically, a patient must hold a current Medicare card and doctor’s referral at the time of their consultation. If an electronic claim is rejected, then the patient will be required to submit their claim for benefits directly to Medicare.


Patients with an outstanding balance on their account may not be given another appointment until the account is settled.

When an outstanding account is referred to a collection agency or local court, the patient will be liable for additional costs involved in the debt recovery process.

Also refer to our Outanding account statement.

Policy variation.

Our medical practice may vary policies from time to time and without notice. A patient may request information about policy changes or view them on our website.