A patient may incur a charge, in additional to the dermatologist's fees, by a pathology service provider for the testing and analysis of tissue, blood and swab samples collected.  

The analysis of tissue, blood and swab samples help a dermatologist find evidence of disease, diagnose illnesses, predict recovery times, or help monitor a condition or medication.

Third-party pathology service costs.

Pathology service providers charge an additional, independent fee for the testing and analysis of patient pathology samples. The pathology service provider's fees are independent of the dermatologist's fee for performing a patient biopsy or excision.

The additional fee charged by pathology service providers and vary and range from $200 up to $2000, depending on the complexity of testing and analysis involved.

Patients may be contacted and billed directly by the pathology service provider. If the patient is covered by Medicare Australia or a private health insurance provider, then the pathology service provider may bill these insurance entities directly on behalf of the patient.

Costs covered under Medicare Australia or private health insurance.

A dermatologist will typically request that the pathology provider bulk-bill services for patients who are registered with Medicare Australia.

Each pathology service provider sets their own fees and may not bulk-bill some services, depending on the complexity of the testing and analysis involved.

Medicare does not cover the costs of tests done for cosmetic surgery, insurance testing, or several genetic tests. There are also limits on the number of times that a patient can receive a Medicare rebate for some tests. Currently, there are 5,700 diagnostic services paid for by Medicare, listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

Patients that require a many tests may be eligible for the Medicare Safety Net. This means that a patient can get a higher rebate from Medicare for diagnostic tests and other medical services to reduce any out-of-pocket expenses incurred.

Private health insurance may pay for diagnostic tests done while a patient is in hospital, but generally will not cover diagnostic tests that are done outside a hospital and that are listed on the MBS. Patients should check with their insurance provider to determine their level of coverage.

Determining additional third-party pathology costs.

Patients can contact the pathology provider directly to discuss the costs associated with the pathology test specific to their situation. The pathology provider may request information about a patient's Medicare enrolment or private health insurance to determine costs.

Preferred pathology service provider.

The preferred pathology provider used by Green Square Dermatology is Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology.

Patients are entitled to choose a different pathology provider from the one recommended by their dermatologist, so long as the pathology provider can perform the test they require.

A patient who wish to use another pathology provider must let their dermatologist dermatologist know prior to any tissue, blood or swab sample being taken.


Our medical practice may vary policies from time to time and without notice. A patient may request information about policy changes or view them on our website. gsdermatology.com.au/policy