Financial estimate statement Financial estimate statement

Financial estimate statement

Kenneth Harvey Kenneth Harvey

During a consultation, a patient may ask their dermatologist for a financial estimate detailing the cost of any surgical, medical or cosmetic service, before it is performed.

Variations in the final fees detailed in the estimate may arise if a planned service is changed due to complications, patient requests or for clinical reasons.


Patients may request an estimate of the likely fees incurred for any instance of a surgical, medical or cosmetic service performed by their dermatologist.

Patients should proactively request an estimate from their dermatologist, before any service is performed, to ensure an understanding of fees they may be liable to pay. For proposed services that cost over $500 per session, a written or verbal estimate will automatically be provided to the patient by the dermatologist or staff. 


Any written or verbal estimate is valid only for the patient it was intended for, and is not transferrable to another patient or between dermatologists. An estimate will expire after a period of only 6 weeks from its issue date, after which time the patient will need obtain a new estimate of fees. 

Single instance or session.

The fees outlined in an estimate will be for a single instance or session of the proposed service, when performed under a specific dermatologist. If a patient treatment plan requires multiple sessions, then the patient is required to pay for each session at the fees outlined in their estimate, unless otherwise indicated in writing. 

Example. A patient is provided with an estimate detailing a $200 fee for a single session of laser treatment, but between 3 and 6 sessions may be required as part of the discussed treatment plan. The final cost of treatment may range from $600 to $1200, dependent on that actual number of sessions undertaken. 

A patient will be liable for any fees not covered by Medicare Australia or their private health insurance provider.


An additional 15% weekend surcharge will be applied to an estimate for services performed on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or a NSW public holiday.

Example. An estimate detailing a $200 fee for a single session of laser treatment would cost $230 (including +15% surcharge), if performed on a weekend or public holiday.  


An estimate does not cover third party services provided by other health professionals (e.g. plastic surgeons, radiologists, nuclear physicians or pathologists) or other fees associated with your medical procedure (e.g. transport, accommodation, pharmacy or physiotherapy).


As with any medical procedure, unforeseen circumstances may arise that may make it necessary to arrange or perform additional medical services. If this occurs, there may be additional costs to you that are not covered by the estimate.


Our medical practice may vary policies from time to time and without notice. A patient may request information about policy changes or view them on our website.