Dermatologists may provide a fee reduction, if a patient holds a current Pensioner Concession Card that was issued by the Department of Human Services.


Fee concessions are available, at the discretion of the dermatologist, for any patients who hold a current Pensioner Concession Card, issued by Services Australia on behalf of the Department of Social Services.

As of 6th March 2023, the most common medical services and their associated fee (subject to change) are as follows:

Initial consultation in a single course of treatment (MBS 104).
Subsequent consultation in a single course of treatment (MBS 105).
plus $110
Diagnostic biopsy (MBS 30071/30072).
plus $120
Solar keratosis cryotherapy (MBS 30192).

Patients must present a concession card in their name, prior to their consultation, to receive a fee concession. Concession card information, including expiry date, will be recorded against the patient record to automatically apply fee concessions in future appointments.

Partners and dependents.

Any person listed as a partner or dependent on a current concession card may also be eligible for a fee concession. 

Expired cards.   

Patients with an expired concession card will not be eligible for a fee concession. When notified by reception staff of an expired card, patients should present their current concession card to continue to be eligible for a fee concession.


Centrelink may automatically issue a concession card to patients if they are eligible for any of the following payments:

For more information on Pensioner Concession Cards, visit Service Australia page: